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Energy for what matters most to you

We all want to have more energy and to be able to do more. Perhaps we go through the workday with full speed and then get stuck on the couch at home. Do you know how to change your energy levels?

Change happens when you take a look at your life from different angles and make use of life’s natural rhythm in everyday life. You don’t need to be at the top in everything – having energy for the things that matter to you is enough.


Virta is a wellbeing unit of Aava Medical Centre. Our philosophy and services are based on knowledge and science.

Introducing Virta 360 – Master your future wellbeing

The new service, designed in collaboration with Finnish health technology company Nightingale Health, combines a wellbeing test and predictive blood test, providing you with a unique tool to improve your wellbeing.
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What’s holding you back?

Our three-minute test gives you a Virta Wellbeing Index which tells you how you are doing.
You will also get a detailed breakdown of the areas you should focus on in order to live a more balanced life. Taking the test will help you think about your wellbeing from a new perspective.
Don't worry, we will not share your personal results with anyone.
How do we use your data?
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