Master your future wellbeing

The best way to shape your future wellbeing is to know where you are today and where you’re headed to. Virta 360 combines a Wellbeing Test and predictive Blood Test to measure your lifestyle and wellbeing to help you make the right choices.
Virta is a wellbeing unit of Aava Medical Centre. Our philosophy and services are based on knowledge and science.

Virta 360

Wellbeing Test and Blood Test

68 €

Incl. VAT 24 %. The product has to be used latest at 2.6.2020.

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How Virta 360 works

1. Order

Get started by ordering Virta 360. You will receive your Lab Pass, which you can use to take your Blood Test at Aava Medical Centre in Kamppi, Helsinki.

2. Wellbeing Test

Complete your Wellbeing Test online and get instant feedback on where your life is in balance and what areas you should focus on in the future.

3. Blood Test

Fast 10–12 hours (you can drink water). To take your Blood Test, visit Aava Medical Centre in Kamppi, Helsinki.

4. Results

Your Wellbeing Test and Blood Test results will be available through the Virta website. Blood Test results will be available within one week after taking your test.

Is your life in balance?

Virta 360 includes a personal Wellbeing Test to provide you with a holistic picture of your wellbeing, from mental health to activity and exercise. Use in-depth questions to learn more about your lifestyle habits to pinpoint which areas need to be developed.
Meaningful life
Financial situation
Social relationships
Physical health
Mental health
Sleep and recovery
Activity and exercise

What does your blood say?

Virta 360 includes a predictive Blood Test that measures your wellbeing using five health meters, including your risk for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The test is based on Nightingale Health’s award-winning technologyand only requires a single blood sample.
Cholesterol balance
Insulin resistance
Chronic inflammation
Cardiovascular disease risk
Type 2 diabetes risk

Download example reports and read the white paper

Your wellbeing on the right track

Virta 360 is a new way to master your future wellbeing using cutting-edge science and lifestyle analysis. Know where you are today and where you’re headed to. Experience Virta 360, learn more about yourself and make your next move towards wellbeing.
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